Charlottetown Facility
The Charlottetown processing facility has operated in Charlottetown since 2001 and serves as one of the company's primary facilities for processing of premium North Atlantic shrimp. Annual production totals some 10 to 12 million pounds of shrimp.

As a small community, Charlottetown was first settled in 1950 for the purpose of starting a logging operation. The community's livelihood depends on the fishery, with the Labrador Shrimp Company and its investments in processing facilities and employment for the region.
Factory Manager: Phil Edwards
Established: 2001
Type of Facility: Shrimp Processing Factory
Processing: North Atlantic Shrimp
Employees: 125

1 Marine Drive
P.O. Box 156
Charlottetown, NL
A0K 5Y0
Tel: 709-949-0331 (Main & Local Sales)