Our Fleet
Our fishers are some of Canada's most experienced in the industry and come from generations of people who have built the local industry. We utilize a modern fleet of both inshore and offshore vessels within the 35ft - 65 ft range, equipped with 21st century technology for harvesting and processing.

Our company aims to maintain the utmost effort for sound environmental and sustainable harvesting operations. We work with our harvesters, staff and partners for adoption of our sustainable harvesting goals and ensure our fleet is equipped to meet these goals.

Northern Eagle: Our offshore vessel, the Northern Eagle fishes the Labrador coastline up to Baffin Island, Nunavut for cold water shrimp.
Nain Banker & Belle Isle Banker: Our mid-shore vessels, the Nain Banker and the Belle Isle Banker primarily sail and fish in the Northern Labrador - Nunavut region for turbot.

Inshore Fleet: Our inshore vessels (less than 65ft boats) harvest along the Coast of Labrador up to Northern Labrador for a variety of species.