Our Products
Labrador Shrimp Company is a leader in the production of many species of North Atlantic seafood. The Company's processing includes land-based operations and off-shore trawler production. We are one of the largest producers of North Atlantic Pandalus Borealis Shrimp in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and also distribute other shellfish species, including snow crab, whelk and scallops. In addition, we process cod, halibut and turbot in the ground fish species and capelin and herring in the pelagics.

We utilize a combination of automated and manual production methods to ensure a top quality product. We have customers worldwide and export seasonally through our brokers, in excess of annual sales of $90 million CAD. Since our start in 1979 we have built facilities, expertise and a renowned capacity to process quality seafood products.
As a company, we are always looking for opportunities to expand in the area of value added production and are open to discussing requests with potential partners.

The Labrador Shrimp Company are experienced producers of cod products. We have specifically worked with cod tails, loins, centers and nuggets and continue to work to identify niche markets. We process large volumes of turbot (Greenland Halibut) and currently sell in H&G, HOG and fillet form. Markets for this product include Taiwan, Japan, China and USA.