Small Boat Fishery
The Inshore (small boat) Fishery within the Lanse au Clair to Cartwright region involves approximately 130 boats and approximately 500 fishers. This fleet remains an important part of our operation and to the local communities of Southern Labrador.

Lanse au Clair to Red Bay (locally referred to as Labrador Straits):
Servicing approx. 27 Small Boats and 50 fishermen - Harvesting Cod, Herring and Capelin

Lanse au Loup plant also produces Greenland Halibut which is harvested by approximately 30 boats and 120 fishers
Mary's Harbour: Servicing 19 vessels and 80 fishers - Harvesting snow crab

Pinsent's Arm: Servicing 19 vessels and 40 fishers - Harvesting whelk and scallop

Charlottetown: Servicing 20 vessels and 100 fishers - Harvesting shrimp

Cartwright: Servicing 20 vessels and 100 fishers - Harvesting snow crab